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Another one succumbs to advertising.

Ahhh slowly but surely all these social networks are getting worked! Yes believe it or not your Tumblr is ad-free no more ladies and gentlemen. On Monday, 22nd Tumblr announced that it will now serve ads on its Iphone and Android apps.

The move allows Tumblr to take advantage of the rapidly growing mobile advertising market, forecast to increase by 65% to $2.1 billion in the U.S. alone this year.

To me this is a very solid decision. While people love having these social networks they sometimes forget that somewhere somehow something has to be paid for! And hey if seeing a couple ads ensures that I’m able to continue to use these sites for free then I say why not?

Source: Mashable


Twitter’s Singing a New Tune

Well people Twitter is going musical on us. Twitter recently acquired a social musical startup called We Are Hunted. For those who are curious We Are Hunted focuses on the top trending music on social media, and the Twitter Music app will likely do the same — plus suggest what other tunes you might like based on what you’ve listened to, and allow you to buy tracks via iTunes.

It is reported that this app is supposed to be launched soon but there’s some discrepancy about which platform it would be available to. According to a report by CNet it will only be available to IOS but AllThingsD’s sources don’t specify.

Since the app would not require you to have a Twitter I’m skeptical about how much the app would thrive just by affiliation. And also if it’s only being released to IOS how long would andriod users have to wait for the new app experience? Comment Let Me know.

Image courtesy iStockphoto, mstay

Facebook is putting up a good fight.


Since the launch of facebook most people like myself were excited. Here we were a social website which came along and established its dominance as a social network that catered to a lot of our online needs to connect.


Fast forward a couple years, if you’re anything like me Facebook has now become dull and simply un-entertaining. With over a billion users and users like myself Facebook must now find ways to stay on top and constantly find ways to keep the audience interested.


This brings us to their newest thing “Facebook Home” -a new homescreen and app launcher for Android — and the release of the first-ever Facebook phone manufactured by HTC. Yes Facebook now wants to have a larger presence in the mobile department. This seems a bit late to me but can prove to be beneficial by allowing facebook to improve its mobile ad targeting. It might not do as well as they hope but then again it can prove to be a great platform for ads targeting mobile users. Only time can tell I suppose, in the meantime we can look forward to the impact this will bring to social media.

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Instagram Proving its Dominance as a Photo Sharing App.

After being exclusive for i OS today marks 1 year since Instagram migrated over to the Android  Naturally they celebrated by announcing on their blog that within that short amount of time almost half of its users come from Android.


As of February Instagram has over 100 million active monthly users which continues to grow at a rapid pace. And the push to Android fueled that fire gaining them over 1 million users within the 1st 24 hours.


Instagram the photo sharing app came in and dominated by making mobile photos beautiful and a way to share them quickly and simple. While simplistic it played a huge role in pushing mobile technology.

Source: Techcrunch/ Google Images