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Google Glasses Good or Bad

So since technology is forever changing there must constantly be an update or an implementation of new and old laws to govern this world of technology and social media. With the intoduction of the Google Glasses a lot will seem different.


Google announced in a blog post Friday night that it will not be allowing any facial recognition apps in Google Glass until “proper protections” are set in place.

This seems like a good idea but I wonder if people are willing to wait for considering since the product has already been introduced. Do you think these glasses are going to do more good than bad?


Google+ Keeps on Giving

So for my lovely Google lovers out there Google as you know late last month Google gave developers the ability to add Google+sign ins to their sites. Sounds familiar well that’s because you may be use to it, its something that has already been done by sites like facebook. It allows you to sign into places using your Google+ credentials.


However on Tuesday the company extended that feature by allowing developers the ability to:


  • Add trusted authentication to apps and sites.

  • Allow web users to automatically download their Android app.

  • Customize their app experience using Google+ profile info.

  • Enable users to share interactive posts with friends.

  • Write app activities that only appear when they’re relevant.

For developers who are interested in checking out the new features you can get started by reading Janrain’s or Gigya’s getting started guides.

Soource: Mashable/ Google Images

Twitter Madness, 5 Vowels Meet 5$

Fow twitter users out there in order to continue using twitter for free you may now be writing without vowels. Sorry Tweeters, you might now be paying 5$ for twitter if you wish to use vowels that is. Yes you guys will only be allowed to type with constants.


This will go into effect April 1st (wink wink) and is done as a way to make communication among twitter users more condensed. Think of it this way vowels always clutter your words and its only five of them, pesky things. Well go out there and tw**t on tw**t*rs.

Image: Google Images