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Google Glasses Good or Bad

So since technology is forever changing there must constantly be an update or an implementation of new and old laws to govern this world of technology and social media. With the intoduction of the Google Glasses a lot will seem different.


Google announced in a blog post Friday night that it will not be allowing any facial recognition apps in Google Glass until “proper protections” are set in place.

This seems like a good idea but I wonder if people are willing to wait for considering since the product has already been introduced. Do you think these glasses are going to do more good than bad?


Super Niche Product, Facebook or No Facebook


So I read an article on Mashable today that wanted to know if it would be a good idea to have a large scale social network such as Facebook for a tightly niched product. My response HELL YES!!


In todays world all social media is important for any type of product that’s available. Just because the product is in a small specific niche plays no importance. People want to feel connected to the product or brand and this is done through social media.

I may just be seeing this the wrong way but I don’t think so. What do you guys think??

Twitter’s Singing a New Tune

Well people Twitter is going musical on us. Twitter recently acquired a social musical startup called We Are Hunted. For those who are curious We Are Hunted focuses on the top trending music on social media, and the Twitter Music app will likely do the same — plus suggest what other tunes you might like based on what you’ve listened to, and allow you to buy tracks via iTunes.

It is reported that this app is supposed to be launched soon but there’s some discrepancy about which platform it would be available to. According to a report by CNet it will only be available to IOS but AllThingsD’s sources don’t specify.

Since the app would not require you to have a Twitter I’m skeptical about how much the app would thrive just by affiliation. And also if it’s only being released to IOS how long would andriod users have to wait for the new app experience? Comment Let Me know.

Image courtesy iStockphoto, mstay

Facebook is after your Pockets!

Facebook is after its users money now. This should come as no surprise to anyone since its been a longtime coming. The Billion plus users on facebook now has the opportunity to message celebrities personally, granted they have to pay of course.


This is all part of Facebook’s pay-to-message-celebs program which was launched back in december. The program has now been expanded into the UK and 36 other countries, according to The Guardian. “It is being tested among a very small percentage of users.”


I don’t see this program taking off, users aren’t able to reach certain celebrities like Rihanna and are forced to pay from 1$ to message people they don’t know to 100$ for prominent figures like Mark Zuckerberg. This maybe just me but I don’t see a lot of people willing to pay all that money to possibly be responded to by a PR person of some sort.

Image: Google images

Google+ Keeps on Giving

So for my lovely Google lovers out there Google as you know late last month Google gave developers the ability to add Google+sign ins to their sites. Sounds familiar well that’s because you may be use to it, its something that has already been done by sites like facebook. It allows you to sign into places using your Google+ credentials.


However on Tuesday the company extended that feature by allowing developers the ability to:


  • Add trusted authentication to apps and sites.

  • Allow web users to automatically download their Android app.

  • Customize their app experience using Google+ profile info.

  • Enable users to share interactive posts with friends.

  • Write app activities that only appear when they’re relevant.

For developers who are interested in checking out the new features you can get started by reading Janrain’s or Gigya’s getting started guides.

Soource: Mashable/ Google Images

Human Trafficking Just Got Caught By a Yellow Light

Human trafficking, the very sound of the word can bring many to concern, however, it is on the radar of Social Media. With the creation of an SMS-based program that instantly connects people to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) hotline victims can now get quicker assistance. People with knowledge of the situation can text “Be Free” in which they would get a quick response to deal with their needs.

 With  the help of Polaris Project, Thorn:Digital Defenders of Children, communication API service Twilio and Salesforce Foundation discreet text messages can now potentially save the lives of thousands if not Millions of people involved in Human trafficking. Human Trafficking has an estimated profit of 32$ billion a year, it is the world’s’ third largest criminal industry and with some new insight we maybe able to see it slowly become less brutal.

 “Based on our experience working directly with survivors of human trafficking, we know that many of them regularly communicate via text,” Sarah Jakiel, deputy director of Polaris Project, told Mashable.

 “Victims are heavily controlled by their exploiters — what they wear, where they go, how much they work, what they eat — but they may be able to send a quick, discreet text message.”

We can all be a victim of Human Trafficking but if we work together given how we communicate we can all potentially prevent future victims of Human trafficking and it starts by being aware of what you can do.

Source: Mashable

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