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Twitter Hackers Own Up

Well it’s nothing new but another Twitter was hacked.Entertainment news outlet E!’s Twitter account was hacked Saturday, tweeting fake headlines about Justin Bieber, Angelina Jolie and the conflict in Syria. Now The Syrian Electronic Army, a group of hackers aligned with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, is claiming responsibility for the hack.


How crazy and messed up is this? I mean I’m not sure want claiming responsibility for the hack means and then this may stir up questions as to just how many more Twitter accounts are they responsible for that we just don’t know about?


And it appears that they have been up to no good. “The Syrian Electronic Army was also responsible for hacking the Associated Press Twitter account last month, sending a false story about an attack on the White House that had a temporary but serious impact on the financial markets.”

Source: Mashable/  Google Images


Twitter’s Singing a New Tune

Well people Twitter is going musical on us. Twitter recently acquired a social musical startup called We Are Hunted. For those who are curious We Are Hunted focuses on the top trending music on social media, and the Twitter Music app will likely do the same — plus suggest what other tunes you might like based on what you’ve listened to, and allow you to buy tracks via iTunes.

It is reported that this app is supposed to be launched soon but there’s some discrepancy about which platform it would be available to. According to a report by CNet it will only be available to IOS but AllThingsD’s sources don’t specify.

Since the app would not require you to have a Twitter I’m skeptical about how much the app would thrive just by affiliation. And also if it’s only being released to IOS how long would andriod users have to wait for the new app experience? Comment Let Me know.

Image courtesy iStockphoto, mstay

Google+ Keeps on Giving

So for my lovely Google lovers out there Google as you know late last month Google gave developers the ability to add Google+sign ins to their sites. Sounds familiar well that’s because you may be use to it, its something that has already been done by sites like facebook. It allows you to sign into places using your Google+ credentials.


However on Tuesday the company extended that feature by allowing developers the ability to:


  • Add trusted authentication to apps and sites.

  • Allow web users to automatically download their Android app.

  • Customize their app experience using Google+ profile info.

  • Enable users to share interactive posts with friends.

  • Write app activities that only appear when they’re relevant.

For developers who are interested in checking out the new features you can get started by reading Janrain’s or Gigya’s getting started guides.

Soource: Mashable/ Google Images

Rutgers Basketball Coach Turned “Twitter Famous”

A video surfaced today Tuesday April 2nd of Rutgers basketball coach Sam Laird practically manhandling his players and abusing them both physically and verbally. For those basketball fans out there Laird can be seen at his games and has always been known for his erratic behavior.


Personally I don’t see why these students and basketball players haven’t done something about this sooner. The video is disturbing and troubling, Laird can be seen throwing basketballs at full force to players heads and other body parts.


This caused a massive uproar on Twitter and drew the attention of many beyond twitter. It gained  opinions from basketball players, fans, and non fans alike.


Twitter Madness, 5 Vowels Meet 5$

Fow twitter users out there in order to continue using twitter for free you may now be writing without vowels. Sorry Tweeters, you might now be paying 5$ for twitter if you wish to use vowels that is. Yes you guys will only be allowed to type with constants.


This will go into effect April 1st (wink wink) and is done as a way to make communication among twitter users more condensed. Think of it this way vowels always clutter your words and its only five of them, pesky things. Well go out there and tw**t on tw**t*rs.

Image: Google Images