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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Instagram Turns It Up a Notch


It’s been awhile since my last post but I got some good or bad news for you guys depending on how you feel about watching videos. On Thursday, Instagram co founder Kevin Systrom introduced a rival to Vine:Instagram Video, a new service for Instagram’s 130 million monthly active users.

I’m just speculating here but it looks like Vine may have a tough time keeping up with Instagram in the long run. However Vine has been recently taking off as more and more people became aware of its potential. But this response by Instagram may just be what takes them down. What do you guys think? Can Instagrams Video Sharing  Outshine Vines newly found Spotlight??



Google Glasses Good or Bad

So since technology is forever changing there must constantly be an update or an implementation of new and old laws to govern this world of technology and social media. With the intoduction of the Google Glasses a lot will seem different.


Google announced in a blog post Friday night that it will not be allowing any facial recognition apps in Google Glass until “proper protections” are set in place.

This seems like a good idea but I wonder if people are willing to wait for considering since the product has already been introduced. Do you think these glasses are going to do more good than bad?